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About Us


The Mission

Make It Make Sense: Marine Science Explained.

The name tells the whole story. The purpose of this project is to bring current science to the public's eye in a way that more people can understand. Everyone starts somewhere on their learning journey, but by no means should you stop here! These articles are meant to provide a baseline of knowledge so you can be a more informed reader going forward.

Each post on this website will include the difficulty level based on terminology, reading time, etc. (1 being the easiest, 5 being the toughest). Some will be discussing a recent journal publication, others will compile a few into a more generalized brief, and there will also be posts about a specific topic or concept (ie. phytoplankton, tides, coral bleaching). If you find yourself with any questions after reading, please feel free to leave a comment and the author will get back to you as soon as they can.

Who Are You?

By now, I bet you've asked yourself: "why should I trust you?", and that's good! My name is Lauren Moe, and I'm the primary author of this site. I received a B.S. in marine science from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, and I am currently in the masters thesis track at the same university studying tropical conservation biology and environmental sciences. Truthfully, I don't know everything about the ocean and the world around us, but my work in the field so far has taught me to do accurate, sound research. Additional writers are also being brought in to show new perspectives and talk about their focuses in marine science. You can check out a writer's profile at the top of each article to learn a bit about them.


Each post here will include all references used, and I encourage you to check them out afterward if you want to do further reading. Being skeptical about sources is your first step in becoming a better researcher. Don't take everything for the complete and utter truth- this site is meant to expand your knowledge on a topic so you can do your own research. Many things need to change in order to protect the world we call home, and if we ignore pushes for new legislature because of "sciencey" terminology, it may be too late. 

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